curried chicken, peppers and peas en papillote

September is set to be a fun month. First up, a little weekend trip to Paris to celebrate 5 years of marriage to the German. The past 5 years hasn’t all been mini-breaks and sunshine. In fact, there are many disadvantages to living so far away from my family. But I have to admit that ability to utter the statement, “we’re taking a weekend trip to Paris” has to be pretty high up on the list of advantages. What can I say, you take the good with the bad.

Which is why I’m posting a bit early this week since I will be blissfully offline for the next few days. Looking forward to catching up with everyone next week and finding out what Cher substituted for the dreaded bell pepper in this week’s French Fridays with Dorie recipe, Curried Chicken, Peppers and Peas en Papillote. In full disclosure, I actually substituted a thinly sliced chili pepper myself because I knew my husband would just push the bell pepper to side and it would have been wasted.

For me, this week’s recipe fell squarely into the never-would-have-made-it-without-FFwD category. Really, it didn’t sound bad, just not really exciting either. And it wasn’t exciting. But it was really easy and really good and (for probably the hundredth time!) I’m so happy that I am participating in this group because it is forcing me to make so many recipes that I would have otherwise missed.


And now that’s done, I’m off to the train station. A bientot!


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chanterelles with nappa and a long overdue make-up

I seem to be on a roll with the two-in-posts lately so I’m going to see if I can’t keep up the trend to post a few remaining long overdue French Fridays with Dorie recipes. By my count I’m actually only missing a few, so may as well try to get to them before we get too close to the end of this whole adventure.

First up, a make-up recipe from just over a year ago, Duck Breasts with Fresh Peaches. As the date on my picture will confirm, I actually made this one on time but could never seem to get around to posting it. I have no idea why. I loved this recipe. I love duck in general and it pairs so well with sweet, fruity flavors. However, I would have never thought to serve it with seared peaches and this is now my go to summer duck recipe. So tasty. Easy enough for just the two of us but classy enough for company.

ffwd230 017

food-chanterelles 017Next up is this week’s recipe, Chanterelles with Napa and Nuts. Now, I have a love-hate relationship with chanterelle mushrooms. I love to eat these tasty harbingers of autumn but I hate to prepare them. Mostly because they have so many nooks and crannies for dirt to hide in and are a pain in the tush to clean. This time around, when faced with a bag full of dirty mushroom I broke one of the 10 kitchen commandments. You know the one, “thou shalt not allow your mushrooms to bathe in the forbidden waters!” Well, it’s something like that anyway. I have so little patience for this rule and this week I just broke it completely and washed my mushrooms down with the spray nozzle of my faucet. It seemed to do the job and if it destroyed the flavor we were none the wiser because both my husband and I really enjoyed the end result served alongside a tasty filet.

FFwD346 (6)

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roasted peppers and bulgur salad

Here I am again, cramming two weeks of French Fridays with Dorie recipes into one. I actually made the Roasted Peppers on time but just didn’t get around to posting them, and now another week has passed and it’s time for Couscous Salad.

It was still summer when I made the Roasted Bell Peppers. Warm enough that we used the grill to blister the peppers in a futile attempt to keep the kitchen cool. Warm enough that we enjoyed these delicious peppers out on the balcony alongside homemade (and delicious!) hummus from David Lebovitz and store-bought tzatziki. I love roasted peppers and they are one of the rare bell pepper recipes that my husband will knowingly eat, Dorie’s Chicken Basquaise being another rare example.

FFwD112 (2)

Since then autumn seems to have arrived and I’ve started reaching to the back of my wardrobe for sweaters and scarves. What a difference a week makes. But we still fired up the grill to make Dorie’s recommended Grilled Lemon Chicken to accompany this week’s Couscous (or in my case, Bulgur) Salad recipe. Dorie’s salad was bright, fresh, flavorful, and plentiful. Seriously, next time I either need to halve the recipe or invite an army for dinner. As for the chicken, well, we still need to work on our chicken grilling skills. Over the summer my husband’s grill has churned out delicious lamb and steaks along with assorted veggies over the course of many tasty dinner. But our few attempts at chicken have been a bit, well, dry. Something to continue working on next summer.

FFwD136 (5)

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gateau basque and cod confit

This past weekend I got to know the oven in our new place a bit better. My initial observation is that the thing is teeny, tiny, but the temperature seems to be sound. Well, at least I think so. My husband stole my oven thermometer to test his grill and then thought that he would be helpful by giving it a quick clean in the dishwasher. So, who knows really, but it seemed to have no problem with last week’s Gateau Basque and this week’s Tuna Cod Confit.

IMG_2639It seems a little naughty to start with the dessert, but that’s the order they went in and so that’s what we are going to do. I was huddled up in bed with fever and chills last week so cake simply wasn’t on the menu plan. Happily, I was feeling much better by the weekend and was able to catch up with the Gateau Basque. I’ll be honest, this didn’t look like much of a cake to me and I went in with low expectations. Maybe I shouldn’t have listened to the NPR podcast in which the cake was described as a Pop Tart! In the end, the cake exceeded my expectations and my husband polished off 3 slices in a row before declaring that it wasn’t Dorie’s best:-)

IMG_2635As for the Tuna Confit, I haven’t been keeping track or anything, but this recipe may well have resulted in my longest shopping list yet. I was more than a little intimidated, both by the long list and by the fact that the star of the dish is fresh tuna. I tend to have issues with fresh tuna and so was very happy that Dorie pointed out that cod and halibut are also commonly confited (can we use confit as an adjective?) and used cod for my dish.

The instructions called for us to first make the marinade, let everything sit, then cook the still completely submerged fish in the marinade while whipping up a tomato salad. I have to say that I was pretty darn skeptical while this thing was in the oven. The oven temp was so low that there none of the usual sensory indicators that any actual cooking was going on. I like to be able to see, hear, or smell that something is actually happening. I don’t think that I would do very well with sous vide, though I hear that it’s delicious. In this case, I had no choice but to simply follow Dorie’s instructions exactly because I had no idea what I was doing and because I had no other indicators to point me along the way.


After exactly one hour I removed the dish from the oven and served it up on a bed of mushy peas with the tomato salad and olive tapenade. But really, the sides were superfluous. The fish was infused with the flavors of the marinade and absolutely delicious with the marinade itself as a topping. I was really wowed by how good this was and admit that it was well worth the long shopping list.

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provencal vegetable soup

This week we are making soup for French Fridays with Dorie. Provencal Vegetable Soup to be exact. I’m guessing that our Doristas who are cooking a little closer to the equator are not so amused. In fact, you probably will not be surprised to hear that it was picked by one of our Canadian Doristas, Theresa, over at One Wet Foot.

I actually made this one a week early. And thank goodness because this past weekend the temps shot up and the only place in my kitchen where any food prep was happening was in the fridge. Okay, I know that temperature is all relative and I know that some of my fellow Doristas live in climates which make a German summer seem downright brisk. But I was melting. Luckily the temps are back down and giving the two overworked fans in my apartment a well deserved breather.

By now you might be wondering, what about the soup! Well, the soup was delicious. I know, the picture makes it look a bit healthy. And it is. But also delicious. Really. So much flavor packed in there


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Coddled Eggs with Foie Gras

I haven’t been keeping track exactly, but this may well be the most expensive French Fridays with Dorie recipe yet. And I was as shocked and appalled as anyone to find that I didn’t love it! What? Seriously. I love coddled eggs, I LOVE foie gras AND truffles. So why the heck didn’t I love this dish? I’m still not 100% sure, but somehow the individual flavors just didn’t come together for me. I did have some issues with the cooking time and had to leave my eggs in 10 minutes before the whites were cooked through. Maybe that had something to do with it. Maybe it was something else. No idea.


IMG_2619But let me end by saying that even though I didn’t love the dish, I’m still happy to have given it a try and I am absolutely thrilled that we are finally getting to some of these “scarier” recipes. That’s the thing about cooking the whole book, they all have to come up eventually. That said, you might find me hiding under the table when the aspic comes up.


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ricotta-filled zucchini blossoms

This week’s recipe was a civilized pause to the World Cup madness which has been going on around me for a little more than a month now. As an american living in Germany working for a Dutch company and with lots of colleagues from other corners of the globe, soccer (or, football, as everyone else around me calls it) has pretty much been the only topic of conversation. It really is one of those, if you can’t beat em join em, type of situations. Which means that I found myself sitting in bars, well past my bedtime, both Tuesday night for the historic Germany-Brazil game and then again Wednesday night to support my Dutch boss during the Netherlands-Argentina game. This Sunday it will be Germany vs. Argentina in the final game. And after that, I’m looking forward to catching up on my sleep!


But back to this week’s French Fridays with Dorie recipe, Ricotta-Filled Zucchini Blossoms. I can’t tell you how excited I was to be making this recipe. The idea of cooking with zucchini blossoms was new and intimidating and I envisioned myself crying in the kitchen over torn up flowers. As it turns out, the blossoms were easier to work with than I had feared. Fiddly for sure and it does take a little time to get everything together, but as Dorie promised, the batter covers up all manner of sins and I was really pleased with how well they turned out in the end.


And since in my nervousness I had bought way more zucchini blossoms than needed (I was picturing myself having to throw away at least half of them) I had plenty leftover the next day, which I sautéed up with a little butter and fresh basil leaves. Also delicious! I will now be keeping an eye out for these delicacies each summer.


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