veggie slaw and chicken lady chicken

What the heck? My travel schedule has been pure madness. I can’t even remember where I’ve been since I last posted along with this group. In fact, in two hours I need to leave for the airport again, but this time at least it’s a fun trip home to visit family. You’ll have to forgive me for keeping this short.

Soccer and Brexit. Brexit and soccer. There are no other topics of conversation around here at the moment. I’m guessing you’ve already heard about the Brexit madness, but if you don’t live in Europe, you might not be aware that we are knee-deep in the quadrennial European Championships. Every time the German team plays, the entire country stops whatever else they were doing. In our case, each game seems to be an excuse for a get together with friends. For the Germany vs. Slovakia it was our turn to host and I used the opportunity to try to get back into the My Paris Kitchen groove with Chicken Lady Chicken and Raw Veggie Slaw.


Both recipes were delicious. The chicken cooked up perfectly in my grill pan (though the grill pan may never be clean again) and the veggie slaw was a perfect (thought difficult to photograph) side. I used broccoli, kohlrabi, and radishes in my slaw which turned out to be a great combo. I can’t remember having ever even tried kohlrabi before moving to Germany, but have since discovered that it adds a nice refreshing crunch to salads and worked perfectly in this one.


I’m off. Looking forward to catching up with everyone this weekend.

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5 Responses to veggie slaw and chicken lady chicken

  1. Great to see you back cooking with us again! This is a perfect “football watching” meal! Enjoy your trip home!

  2. dulceshome says:

    Both dishes look fabulous! Happy that you were able to do them, perfect for a get together!!!

    Enjoy your trip! Great that you get to relax!!

  3. Teresa says:

    So nice to see you back with us! I bet your guests loved the combination of recipes – perfect casual company food. Have a lovely trip home!

  4. Karen says:

    Nice to see you again! I enjoyed both of these dishes too (although I still have to write about the slaw because I just made it yesterday). Have fun visiting your family!

  5. Kitchen Conundrum says:

    You have such beautiful plates! Both of these recipes were great. What a good idea to use a grill pan. Both your chicken and slaw look tasty!

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