I have only words

There are no pictures today. Over the weekend, while we were out to dinner with friends just a few blocks from home, someone broke into our apartment and stole, among other things, our two cameras. I don’t think that I will ever forget the feeling…

The slow dawning sinking feeling I experienced after walking into the kitchen and seeing that all of the drawers were standing open. The sick feeling of not being able to find my cat right away, and then the relief of seeing his furry little face hiding deep under our bed. The disgusted feeling of finding evidence that some creep had been rummaging through my bras and underwear, because apparently that is one of the most common places to hide jewelry. And worst of all, the insecure feeling, which I have not yet been able to shake, of not feeling completely safe in my own home.

Amidst all of that, I am also grateful. Grateful that they did not take anything which had emotional value. Grateful that my cat was smart enough to hide. And grateful for good friends who offered their support.

It was in this confused state of mind that I entered the kitchen to tackle this week’s French Fridays with Dorie recipe, Lentil, Lemon and Tuna Salad, a simple dish which could not have been easier to put together. While my lentils cooked, I mixed up the vinaigrette and chopped up a few veggies. I always have music playing while I cook and, if nobody is home to listen, I sometimes even sing along. And as I was singing and chopping and mixing, as so often happens, the stress started to fade away. Isn’t it amazing how cooking can do that? There is just something about the chemistry of the kitchen which has the power to soothe the injuries inflicted by everyday life. I finished up my salad and found a cute bowl to serve it in. I set the table, and even got out my new napkins (thinking that everyone here might be a tad weary of the old ones) and arranged everything nicely. I poured myself a glass of wine…

and then I reached for my camera.

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19 Responses to I have only words

  1. Ei says:

    Oh, Rose! That’s awful! I would have a really hard time feeling secure again after a break-in. It’s a huge problem in Naples, so I’m trying to pre-emptively resign myself to it, but my guts clench just at the thought. I’m glad that they didn’t take anything sentimental and that your cat is safe. I hope it doesn’t take too long for you to stop jumping at creaks. Here’s a trans-oceanic hug!

  2. Cher says:

    Rose – I am so sorry to hear that. I have lived through a break in and it is a horrible feeling – both when it first happens and for a long time after.
    I am glad to hear that you (and the cat) are safe. Hugs.

  3. Susan says:

    Oh, Rose, what a terrible ordeal! I’m so glad you 2 are okay – and your darling cat! Sending you supportive thoughts from afar! xoxo

  4. vintagekitchennotes says:

    You both and the loyal cat are OK, so you´ll reach again for another camera in no time, There´s not much to say but to offer support from afar. It´s a good thing you felt like cooking and writing this post.

  5. I’m so sorry to hear this happened to you, Rose. Here’s hoping for better days of feeling safe again.

  6. thekitchenlioness says:

    Rose, sorry to hear about the break in and the stolen cameras but I am glad to read that you are all safe! A big fat hug from (not too) far away and hats off for preparing todays recipe for the FFwD group and writing this post!

    Take care!

  7. Krissy says:

    Dear Rose, my heart goes out to you with empathy. Your home and life have been violated. I am so sorry, but I’m glad you are OK. Here in AZ we constantly fight against the illegal immigration. Most who come illegally are part of the drug trafficking or crime scene and they don’t hesitate to commit their vile acts against everyone here…we all get it. We been broken into so many times I can’t count. We’ve never recovered anything lost. This week we’ve spent time backing up office computers to cyberspace sites because we would be out of business if our files were lost. We’ve had many computers stolen, but never Hubby’s main computer…just a matter of time. I know exactly how you feel. I’m proud of you for getting today’s food completed, and, yes, it is a comforting meal. Hope this week goes better and that a little time will be healing for you. I send you a big hug too across all the miles.

  8. Liz says:

    Oh, Rose, I am so sorry to hear this news. Glad you, your hubby and cat are OK. xo

  9. Kathy says:

    Oh Rose, I am so sorry about your burglary! And you are right, you will always remember how it made you feel. My home was broken into some 25 years ago and as I read your post I could still feel that sick feeling. Especially when I read what you said about your lingerie drawer! Have a wonderful, peaceful weekend!

  10. Gaye says:

    Oh Rose, so sorry to hear that someone was so heartless. I hope that you get a new camera soon and ar eback in business. It sounds as though your cute bowl of salad was adorable.

  11. Teresa says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that this happened to you. Break ins are such a violation. I’m glad that your cat made it through unscathed and that you were able to relax a little with food, music, and wine.

  12. Thank you! You are all so sweet and supportive. We will both be ok, and the cat too.

  13. I’m so sorry to hear about this. We had a break-in when I was in high school & it shook me up for awhile. At least you weren’t home and thus no one was hurt. Hope you are starting to feel better and if worst comes to worst, you can always use your cell phone camera right?

  14. Rose, so glad that cooking got you back on track to serenity. We’ve been broken into twice — once they took things that had sentimental value, and the second time computers, cameras, etc. It was a terrible feeling both times to feel so unsafe and personally violated. Better times are ahead!

  15. Mary Hirsch says:

    Rose, I know you must feel violated. And, scared. And, just plain angry. There is not much to say to comfort you except we all seem to feel your pain. Everyone has an experience to talk about. What makes me happy is that you got back into the kitchen, whipped up a beautiful FFWD lentil salad and started to put the pieces of your life back together again. And, you seemed to have everything in perspective – about what it important. Meow.

  16. Amy says:

    Yes, you are a strong woman. Way to go, getting back to food and cooking. Big hug.

  17. jora says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about this. How awful. I’m so glad to hear that your (very smart) cat is okay. I agree, cooking can be very soothing. I like that no matter what else is going on in my life, it’s always there. I’m very impressed that you made the recipe anyway. I hope you enjoyed it.

  18. betsy says:

    I’m just now catching up on the month of June. I am so sorry to hear about the break in. I had this happen to me once and it is just the most unsettling feeling. I’m glad that you found comfort in cooking and made some of the stress go away. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  19. sanya says:

    I can imagine how sick in the stomach that would have made you feel! I’m so sorry! I like how something routine like cooking can settle and soothe.

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