seaweed sables and soccer

As I type this, Denmark and Germany are duking it out in the Euro 2012. For anyone not living in Europe, or otherwise not a rabid soccer fan, this is a tournament which takes place every 4 years between the european national teams. And in case you were not aware, it is a VERY big deal. The tournament lasts almost exactly one month and, during that month very little else is discussed. In fact, it is such a big deal that it’s darn near impossible for me to exaggerate its importance. I seriously think that the entire North American continent could suddenly sink into the sea and it would only make the second page of the local paper. My normally mild mannered husband has transformed into a screaming fan.

It’s the kind of event which I find particularly entertaining in Frankfurt because of the international makeup of the city. Published statistics are usually consistent in reporting that around 30% of the city’s population is not German. Turkish expats make up the majority of that figure, followed by Italians, Croatians, Poles, and then Serbs.  My fellow americans and I don’t show up until place 15! This hodge-podge makes for a very colorful city during such tournaments. Flags are hung from apartment windows and attached to car windows. When your country’s team wins, the accepted method of showing your joy is to hop into your flag bedecked car and drive around the city honking your horn. I find the whole thing highly entertaining and can usually be found cheering for the German team alongside my husband. It really is one of those if-you-can’t-beat-em-join-em types of situations.

Unlike the superbowl, this thing goes on for a month and therefore it’s not really practical to indulge during every game. But for this weekend’s game I decided to do a French Fridays with Dorie cocktail nibbles theme. The table included gougeres, toasts smeared with goat cheese and slow roasted tomatoes, roasted peppers, and this week’s recipe, David’s Seaweed Sables, a recipe I have been curious to try for quite some time.

But here’s the trouble, I think I might have messed up by pairing it with some of my all time favorite Dorie recipes, because somehow, it just didn’t hold up. We polished off the gougeres (luckily it was just a few frozen leftovers from the last time), savored every last roasted tomato (yummy!), sipped our cocktails, cheered for our winning team (thank goodness), and somehow the sables were mostly ignored.

Oh well, can’t love em all. But we will not have long to worry about it because this is going to be a very busy French Friday in my house. First, and possibly while you are even reading this post, we will be cheering for the German team as they take on Greece in the quarter finals. Second, we will be packing for our trip to Chicago next week. And third, I will of course be trying to check in with all of the my fellow FFwDers before we go.

I just hope the German team wins, otherwise I will be sitting next to a very grouchy husband on the 9 hour flight tomorrow!

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16 Responses to seaweed sables and soccer

  1. Ei says:

    Mine are in the oven now. I’m not holding high hopes. They don’t smell good. They smell like a fish market. However, I love Dorie, and I love David Lebovitz, and so I shall give them my best shot. Have fun in Chicago!

  2. Cher says:

    Have a great time States-side!
    I think these are going to have a split decision this week…

  3. Cakelaw says:

    Good luck to your team. Chicago – how exciting! I have never been there. Sorry the sables weren’t a hit. I don’t think I could taste the seaweed that much, just sweet and salty (from the salt on top!).

  4. dulceshome says:

    Hope your trip is great!

    I have just recently marked calendars with Wimbledon, the Tour de France and the Olympics. If I was also a soccer fan… I’d never get anything done! Of course, I live in Arizona, so we kind of treat the summer like winter and stay in!!!

    I just made these and am awaiting my guests. My ends that I nibbled (just to make sure they were ok!) we’re good. Though only totally cooled off hopefully they will like them.

  5. Susan says:

    I really liked the texture of these & the idea of sweet & salty, just not the seaweed.

    Have fun on your vacation!

  6. vintagekitchennotes says:

    Soccer has a way of turning a whole country grumpy or happy. I made mine with sesame and were great, but it seems no one liked the seaweed much. The rest of the food sounds delectable!

  7. I served these all by themselves and they shone. Up against gougères, maybe not so much though!

  8. Nana says:

    Tricia and I are originally from New York and I think the Philly fans of whatever team is playing
    whatever game are hilarious. They are always “going” to win, but don’t make it. Sorry Philly!
    I can imagine the fun going on for a month with all this soccer hype. Enjoy it, it really is
    a lot of fun. Also enjoy your trip home, unfortunately, it’s pretty hot here in the US, but home is
    home, and seeing your family is all that counts. So sorry the seaweed sablés weren’t too
    popular, but with the rest of your menu, it can be a hard sell. Everything else sounds
    fantastic. Happy weekend.

  9. Rose, I was in Ireland a few years back and was so surprised at how seriously they take their soccer! Each town had their own flags hanging everywhere! I loved the spirit and excitement…here’s hoping Germany wins! I hate traveling with a grumpy husband!! Have a fun, safe trip!

  10. Elaine says:

    I so enjoyed reading your post, Rose. You know, I think each one of us needs to write some of our food posts without photos because I have been thoroughly enjoying yours as you paint pictures with your words. It sounds like a fun time there and I can picture all those diverse flags hanging from the apartments and draped on cars. Sorry your sables were ignored. I promise that I would have made a large dent in them. 🙂 How cool that you are coming back to the U.S. for a visit. I love Chicago and have fond memories of our visit there. Have a wonderful trip!

  11. I second Elaine on the photo -less posts. Chi is one of my favorite places. And so is Paris… where I think I would have enjoyed these more.

  12. My kids all loved these, but they were a mid-morning snack, and they were the only offering! I was surprised by how mild they were. Have a fun trip, and travel safely.

  13. Mary Hirsch says:

    Thank you for the soccer lesson/info. Interesting. First, let’s talk soccer. The colored picture on Page 1 of The New York Times this morning (Saturday) shows Angela Merkel going crazy with yesterday’s win over Greece. Itr’s a great picture and I personally am happy to see her so excited about something. Her job cannot be fun. I don’t really understand soccer but love to watch it. I do think I understand the importance placed upon it in Europe. Many a night in France, when I’d be there during a big soccer win, I would get no sleep. Honk! Honk! Honk! Didn’t much like the seaweed sablés myself. Loved, loved, loved the other things you shared. Have a wonderful and safe trip to America.

  14. thekitchenlioness says:

    Your cocktail nibbles sound like they were wonderful and a great succcess (well, those seaweed sablés are a bit different) – and you all had a great “game party”. I had a bit of a more kiddie oriented game night dinner table…no fancy French cocktail nibbles anywhere in sight.

    Rose, hope you are going to have a wonderful and well-deserved vacation back home!

  15. jora says:

    These weren’t the greatest, but the rest of your spread sounds great! Have a wonderful trip to Chicago, I still really miss living there. Enjoy the vacation.

  16. sanya says:

    I wish I was there to soak up the atmosphere! I’m Serbian so I understand the soccer passion, my husband is Aussie and he just doesn’t get it! It’s slowly getting more attention here but nothing like in Europe!

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