lemon barley pilaf

This summer, as my friends and family in the US suffer under the heat wave, I find myself living in the country which summer forgot. Actually, summer seems to have forgotten about most of central Europe this year because we have been having freakishly cool and rainy weather. I can’t work out all the Celsius to Fahrenheit conversions in my head at the moment, so I’ll describe the ‘summer’ we’ve been having through my wardrobe. Most mornings I leave the house with a sweater or jacket and a scarf. Yes, it is almost August and I am still wearing a scarf on a daily basis.

But last week a strange thing happened, the weatherman started to predict an improvement. At first, most of us just ignored him. He has cruelly raised and dashed our hopes before. But day after day he kept insisting that clearer skies lay ahead, and slowly my hopes started to raise anew. So on Saturday morning, it was in this hopeful and optimistic sate, in the absolute pouring rain, scarf tied firmly around my neck, that I headed to the grocery store to buy fixins for grilling out. As the rain-soaked into my shoes I was having a very hard time holding onto my hope, but I trusted that weatherman darn it and thank heavens, he did not let me down.

Yes, I am happy to report that this past Sunday, the sun finally came out to play. My husband and I headed outside, blinked confusedly at the strange glowing object in the sky, slowly unwound our scarfs, and proceeded to enjoy a real summer day.

Generally when we grill with friends, everyone brings a side of some sort to share with the group. This week’s French Fridays with Dorie recipe, Lemon Barley Pilaf, could not have been timelier. I decided to go with Dorie’s Bonne Idee and added some peas, chicken and mint coulis. Very tasty. Next time I will probably leave out the chicken, but I thought that the mint coulis was wonderful and really added a nice flavor to the dish.

In all the excitement of actually being outside without several layers on, I rather neglected my picture taking responsibilities. But I did manage to get one rather hurried photo. I was too hungry to bother with more:-)

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16 Responses to lemon barley pilaf

  1. The first few days of sun are so wonderful, especially if you´re grilling with friends! I like that you used peas with your barley, and that you liked it. Have a great weekend!

  2. Ei says:

    Hooray for the sun! For my part, I’m fantasizing about Fall, b/c I haven’t experienced one in the two years I lived in Texas. Your barley looks great, and like a perfect grill-out dish. I need to try the mint coulis next time. Mine definitely needed a flavor boost.

  3. thekitchenlioness says:

    Rose, isn´t the weather great – although as I am writing this, there are clouds appearing on the horizon and it is getting a little dark outside…your Pilaf looks like the perfect side to bring to a picnic with friends! Nice and colorful and summery, wonderful! I believe that this is a great recipe that leaves a lot of room for some “add ins”.

    Have a summery weekend!

    P.S:: Hope that your cat is feeling better this week.

  4. Cher says:

    Yeah – glad to see the warm weather finally let you get a “glimpse” of summer. In the NE, our heat wave finally seems to have broke (we even had a few days of rain in a row) and I am much less miserable 🙂
    Your barley pilaf looks great – perfect summer grill food.

  5. Glad you are getting your ‘weather’. Here in So Cal we’ve been having a lovely and cool summer so I’m generally keeping my mouth shut when talking to my friends around the globe. I like the idea of the mint as I think most of us thought this could use some ‘punching up’.

  6. I would love to trade a couple of days of your cool Summer for a few days of Texas heat and sunshine! You sound like you had a wonderful evening with your friends and the pilaf!!

  7. Looks like the perfect outdoor picnic! 🙂

  8. Liz says:

    I think mine needed some oomph…maybe Dorie’s bonne idee would have helped! Have a great weekend~

  9. I so love the summer…I would be so depressed if it was cold in July! Even though we’ve been having a heat wave here…I’d still choose that over cold! So glad it’s warming up for you!
    Your pilaf looks delicious, I added peas to mine, too!

  10. Your whole meal looks fantastic. It has been rather nice in the NorthEast of the US this summer. We are not suffering from the drought that has hit out West and the central part of the country.

  11. Alice says:

    it looks great and I want to make it again with the mint coulis!! 🙂 England is experiencing similar weather but we have hit our second heat wave!

  12. I’m drooling over your kabob!

  13. Nana says:

    Everything looks great and so delicious. I like the addition of the peas and mint. Enjoy the
    warmer weather, we are suffering with the high temperatures in PA, but certainly not
    as much as other areas of the US. Have a great weekend.

  14. Cakelaw says:

    Yay! I am glad that you got some sun – I feel cheated in summer if I don’t get sunshine. Your pilaf and BBQ accompaniments look great.

  15. Mary Hirsch says:

    Rose, I love the picture — it’s a great photograph of what a picnic should be all about. I know the spray can is NOT full of insect repellant but I laughed at the thought that it “could” be. Your meal looks delicious, by the way, and I went with the Bonne Idea also. Yes, the weather has been snarly here, very unpredictable, just as in Central Europe. Afraid we have more of that in store for us with the global warming.

  16. jora says:

    I wish I had read the bonne idee more carefully, mint coulis sounds like it would have really brightened up the salad. I love that you have so much faith in your weatherman. Glad he was right!

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