No WordPress! No you did NOT just post only half of the post that I stayed up late typing. No, I refuse to believe that you would be so mean. But here I am the next morning, reading my published post and noticing that it doesn’t make a heck of a lot of sense with the first paragraph missing. If I can’t even rely on you to fulfil the one function for which you were built, then really, why should we continue to be friends?

Yes, here I am, trying to remember what the heck I wrote last night right before hitting the “publish” button and going to bed. It had something to do with being a bad Dorista because I have been on the road and not had time to check in with my fellow cooks to see what they have been up to. It may have also mentioned that I haven’t been in my kitchen in weeks and how grateful I am that our super team of admins got the April recipes up so early so that I could (kind of) participate. I don’t really remember anything else, but I’m certain that it was some of the most brilliant writing that I’ve ever managed and is now forever lost in the WordPress circuits. Sigh, on to the bit that did actually get published, hopefully next week will be better….

Even so, it’s been a hectic few weeks and my participation has been pretty low. I think I’ve only read one or two of your olive sable posts… hope I wasn’t the only one who love those. And now, this week I’m posting without pictures because those happen to be at home on my personal computer and I forgot to upload them before I left. Oh well, such is life sometimes.

So, what do I remember about this week’s French Fridays with Dorie recipe, Financiers? I remember that the dough was very different from any I had made before, calling for browned butter and cooking the egg white mixture over low heat. I remember being impatient because the dough then had to sit overnight in the fridge. And I remember that the little cakes were awfully tasty. Even better with a cup of tea. My favorite financiers are pistachio so some day I would like to try my hand at making those.

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16 Responses to financiers

  1. Mary Hirsch says:

    Rosa, I think we have all had this happen to us. Once. Twice. Maybe more. While that doesn’t make it easier for you or make you feel better, we do feel your pain. So glad you liked the financiers. I probably would enjoy trying the pistachio version – think this is more a European delight and not something we see everyday in the States. It will get better – next week, words and pictures!

  2. So sorry about your technical problems… I get so stressed out when my blog goes haywire… glad your financiers were enjoyable.

  3. I want to try the pistachio version too. Sometimes posts go nuts, it happens! Have a good weekend Rosa!

  4. Rosa, This happened to me a few weeks ago…but I witnessed it as it happened…in disbelief!! Sorry for your technical problems, but glad you got to enjoy these wonderful cakes!!

  5. Sorry WordPress ate your post – that sucks! I haven’t had it happen yet but I’m sure it’s bound to eventually. Glad you got to enjoy these little treats – I loved them!

  6. Cher says:

    Sometime Blogger eats my post and then throws them down the disposal never to be seen again. It is so frustrating 😦 Hang in there.

    We really liked the financiers too!

  7. Patty says:

    Sorry to read about your missing post parts-how frustrating!!!! But, I’m glad you enjoyed your financiers, they were good weren’t they;-)

  8. Oh, I know, I hate when that happens! I have no doubt your financiers were tasty and your writing was lovely!

  9. I am now half way through my conversion to WordPress so I don’t really enjoy reading things like this! Yikes! Here, have a financier. I had a hard few days but they really made me feel much better when I had one this AM!

  10. betsy says:

    I hate computers sometimes… Even without a full post, I’m glad to know that you enjoyed these. I sure did. Pistachio sounds intriguing as well. Have a great weekend.

  11. Glad you were able to make the financiers and enjoyed them too – we thought that they were delicious and easy and pretty too, just perfect little tea cakes. Hope that things will look up soon!
    Have a good weekend and “see” you soon! Did you notice that is spring out there…

  12. On Thursday, I couldn’t get my post to go live…it didn’t go when scheduled and then I couldn’t do anything to make it work. So I feel your pain. Glad you enjoyed these!

  13. Oh, no! This makes me re-think whether I want to host my own WordPress domain name!

  14. Elaine says:

    No worries about the photos, Rose, we are happy that you can still participate while you are busy on the road with work. It sure can be a challenge when you are traveling and trying to schedule posts so that they will publish on time for you and when the platforms don’t perform as they should well that just adds to the frustration! This was the first time I have made financiers and tasted some so I was pleased with the result. I do want to make the plain ones and the berry financiers soon, but also the ones with nuts. Pistachio financiers sound wonderful. Take care and don’t work too hard!

  15. Well here you are posting anyway – so pleased to see you baking along this week! I loved these too and will be making them again soon!

  16. Teresa says:

    I’ve only just managed to make these this week and am finally reading everyone’s posts. I’ve been quite cavalier about writing posts in WordPress, without saving the drafts elsewhere, but have been lucky enough not to lose anything…yet. I’m sorry that happened to you. I have lost work elsewhere and it can be a pain (sometimes painful, too). I really enjoyed these little cakes – the browned butter just made them that much richer, didn’t it?

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