tartine de Viande des Grisons

Viande des what now? This week’s French Fridays with Dorie recipe sent me directly to Google to figure out what in the heck we were eating. Turns out that Viande des Grisons, or Bündnerfleisch as it is known in German, is air-dried beef from southeast Switzerland, which is often served with raclette. Somehow that last bit was news to me, because we’ve been serving raclette to our New Year’s Eve guests for years now and never thought to serve it with Bündnerfleisch. Now we know.

I may have never heard of this particular meat before, but the lady at my local delicatessen didn’t even bat an eye when I asked if she had it, she just asked me how much I wanted and then proceeded to slice me off 100 grams worth.

IMG_3264I opened up the package immediately when I got home and tried a piece. My initial though was, okay, but not really exciting. The flavor is pretty similar to a hundred other varieties of cured meats found in and around the Alps. My husband, on the other hand, is a huge fan and is always bringing back whatever local variety from our hiking and skiing trips. So, I thought, at least he’ll enjoy this recipe.

Later that same day I put a pot of lentil soup on to cook. The darn recipe needed an hour and a half and after the first step of browning the sausage, I was starving! So I decided to make myself a little mini tartine to tide me over for the next 90 minutes.

Well, what a difference a little bread, butter, and walnuts makes! I munched my way through my first little tartine, and about half an hour later (with an hour still to go until dinner) I made myself another. Then my husband got home and of course wanted one. And then we made another batch for breakfast the next morning, and finally remembered to take a picture.


By now it should be clear that this one was a huge hit in my house. We will make it again. The lentil soup, on the other hand, not so much. I’ll stick with Dorie’s lentil soup recipe from now on.

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18 Responses to tartine de Viande des Grisons

  1. Yay – you win the prize for getting the read deal this week! I wondered if you might actually… when I looked it up and realised that it was of German origin. I do need to try with some bresaola when I can find it (though it’s not my favourite). Intrigued by the walnut combo…

  2. Ei says:

    Looks good! I was surprised that we both loved this one as much as we did.

  3. Oh, the walnuts made this one for me. I’m wondering now which other sandwiches could use that crunchy bite.

  4. It sure was an easy, tasty recipe! Lucky you with the truly authentic reproduction!

  5. Katie says:

    That’s fantastic you found the actual viande des grisons! We loved it, too!

  6. ProfWhoCooks says:

    That’s fantastic you found the actual viande des grisons! Glad it was such a hit in your house–it was here, too!

  7. Mary Hirsch says:

    I have to think that you and Andrea Mohr are the only two of us who found the read deal, Bündnerfleisch, this week. It’s just not to be found in the States and especially in the western United States and the Rocky Mountains area. However, I did come close and loved this tartine with the Bresaola. My favorite tartine of them all.

  8. betsy says:

    Bündnerfleisch! My Swiss friend has mentioned that when she’s made us raclette, but not able to find it in these parts, she went with the Italian bresaola. Nice that this was such a hit at your house. Hope your Saturday Thanksgiving feast was a success.

  9. Teresa says:

    This was an amazing combination. Dorie is wonderfully creative with flavour. I overbought for the amount I needed for the recipe, so I’ve been happily munching my way through the package for a few days, now.

  10. thekitchenlioness says:

    Rose, lecker, lecker Bündnerfleisch…I am not surprised that you found the lovely and utterly delicious Viande des Grisons at a Frankfurt Delikatessen – Kaufhof also carries some – you did a wonderful job with your tartine, it looks very pretty the way you cut it and placed a walnut half on top. It is nice to enjoy the “simple” things in life sometimes…we are so lucky to be able to get some wonderful treats around here without having to hunt for them.
    Liebe Grüsse & have a lovely weekend,

  11. Nana says:

    We enjoyed this even though I only had procuitto to work with. I am anxious to try to find the real thing, either from Germany or perhaps the Italian version. Yours looks really yummy cut up that way.

  12. I wasn’t able to find the right meat, I used prosciutto. I would love to taste it, lucky you to have it available.

  13. So the walnuts work with the real deal. I doubt I’ll ever find it, but glad you enjoyed it.

  14. Diane Zwang says:

    I learned a nice history of the dish from your post. Glad that you enjoyed it. I did a make-up instead.

  15. Cakelaw says:

    I just love, love the German name for the beef!

  16. Kathy says:

    Rose, You were lucky indeed to find the real deal! If I were inNJ I might have been able to find the bresaola, but not in Florida! I was quite happy to find prosciutto…and it was a hit here too!

  17. Rose, you were lucky indeed! I was happy that I could find the prosciutto! It was also a hit in my house! Now on to the Tagine!

  18. Cher says:

    Of course, now I am craving some raclette 🙂
    Your tartine’s look tasty – glad this was a hit!

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