pork roast with mangoes and lychees

Pork may well be my culinary nemesis. As I may or may not have complained about again, and again, and yet again, I can just never seem to hit that two-second window of cooking time between raw and bone dry. Dorie has tried her darndest to teach me how to deal with it, but alas, her valiant efforts seem to have been mostly in vain.


But take heart, this is at least the last pork recipe in Around my French Table and I’m not one to throw in the towel just before crossing the finish line. So last week we made Dorie’s Pork with Mangoes and Lychees. And, as if that wasn’t enough complaining, as I was sticking the pot in the oven, I may or may not have voiced a little frustration with Dorie’s penchant for sweet additions to savory dishes. It turns out that I may well have more in common with Howard than previously thought:-)

I checked the meat at 30 minutes… way undercooked.

I checked it again at 40 minutes… WAY overcooked!


Whatever, I was quickly consoled by the fact that the sauce for this dish was crazy good and I had to quickly take back all of my complaints about Dorie’s sweet additions because this sauce was just perfect; it was sweet and slightly thick from the mango, a little salty from the soy sauce, and a hint of spice from the piment d’espelette. I’m not sure that I fully appreciated what the lychees had to offer, but they certainly didn’t detract.


So, favorite pork recipe in the book? Nope, that title goes hands down to the Cola and Jam Spareribs. But I just might make this week’s recipe again, and THAT, my friends, is just about the highest praise a pork recipe can earn in my kitchen.

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19 Responses to pork roast with mangoes and lychees

  1. It sure looks perfect to me! But there’s so little fat on pork these days that it could easily be dry 😦

  2. Yeah those spareribs were a hit her too! But hey – you FINISHED all the pork recipes in the book!!!

  3. Ei says:

    Bravo for finishing the pork dishes! I have a hard time with pork, too. Glad the sauce was good, even if your pork was dry. I have the stupidest reason for not taking on this recipe: I’m out of soy sauce, and I’m so close to moving that I can’t bring myself to buy a new bottle that I know I’ll never use up in time. Matt thinks I’m a lunatic, as in, who cares if we throw out a condiment? I care. It feels knowingly wasteful.

  4. I usually only cook pork in a slow cooker and it always comes out moist submerged in liquid. I found the best way to keep today’s low fat pork tender is to brine it first.

  5. Wow…It looks absolutely perfect to me! I wouldn’t want my pork any rarer! We loved this one…sorry it was not a winner! I also loved the sauce! Happy Friday, Rose!

    • I have the feeling that my camera added a slight rosy hue to the meat, because you are right, it doesn’t look half bad in the photos. Unfortunately, it was not so in real life.

  6. trevorsisboom says:

    So I too am not a big fan of fruit/sweet with meats but thought the vinegar, etc. was the perfect antidote and I found it quite enjoyable. The rosey pink glow told me your pork was not over done but I read above it is deceptive! Nevertheless, this is FFWD and if it can’t taste good, it might as well look good! For me the trick was to purchase a leave-in thermometer and pull the pork out at 138. This method of cooking at 300 is also good to keep the pork from cooking to dry after pulling it out of the oven. If you cook it too fast or two hot that window is trickier to hit but not impossible if you have a leave in thermometer with a cord that goes to a device on your counter. Williams Sonoma has some good ones.

  7. betsy says:

    You have me laughing so hard about the sweet/savory aversion you share with Howard! Except that you ended up loving this dish and had he been home (he was actually in Germany), he would not have touched it. I’m still chuckling 🙂

  8. Teresa says:

    I loved the sweet and sour sauce in this dish and hooray for ending with a pork dish that you’d make again! My favourite pork dish from the book is the Chard-Stuffed Pork Roast – that was beautiful and delicious. I thought the spareribs were good, but I’m not a huge ribs fan, so they don’t get the top spot for me.

  9. Cakelaw says:

    I agree that the sauce was crazy good. I have made this before, albeit almost 5 years ago!

  10. dulceshome says:

    Happy that you enjoyed this! I thought it was good, though might have adjusted the seasonings a bit – but ended up loving the sweet/tangy/savory sauce too. Your dish looks terrific. (oh, and I’ve made the spareribs several times too – yum).

  11. Nana says:

    It all looks perfect to me. We really enjoyed this one, and the lychees were a surprise, never had them before or actually seen one. That’s what I like about this group….

  12. Mary Hirsch says:

    I don’t know. By the looks of those slices of pork, I think it appears to be perfectly done (unless you photoshopped the pink into each piece). You cannot keep opening the oven every minute to take its temperature so I applaud you for a job well done. I agree, the sauce was fantastic. I am used to pork with fruit. When I was a little girl, my Mom often made pork roasts or chops. We always bought a hog at the local country fair. Back then you needed to cook the heck out of the pork – Trichinosis – and it was always dry. To combat that we always smothered those pieces of pork with applesauce. In the Summer it was homemade. In the winter, out of a jar. Times have changed, thank goodness.

  13. Tricia S says:

    Great job – esp giving your reservations about the pork. The book has been one adventure after another and this sauce was a classic example. I too am not quite sure what the lychees offered but as you adeptly put it “they didn’t detract” 🙂 LOL and true. We have had a few unusual ingredients lately so I am always happy for neutral if not a win. I think I used the same Le Crueset pan btw- laughing because it looks like my stove top 🙂

  14. Katie says:

    Rosa, I feel the same way about pork loin and almost never make that cut because of it. For me, I started brining pork (à la Thomas Keller) to help with that. Glad the sauce was a winner–it was for us, too!

  15. Diane Zwang says:

    Yes we are on the same page this week. I am becoming a fan of fruit and meat dishes. I am glad that this one worked out in the end for you.

  16. oooh I need to make the cola and jam ribs again! 🙂 I still have the red wine and port braised ribs to make as well! at least there are things left to enjoy! Rose, at least you keep trying it, and we hit the last pork recipe of the book! great job!

  17. Rose, your pork looks absolutely perfect to me – it has a tinge of pink in the middle, which is what one aims for when cooking these types of pork recipes! How nice that you enjoyed the sauce as much as we did!
    Well, the weather is still springlike and wonderful and the cherry blossoms are just magnifcient these days.
    Have a fabulous week & liebe Grüße,

  18. Karen says:

    I think this might be my new favorite way to cook pork loin. It was easily the juiciest pork loin I have made. Thanks for the reminder about the ribs – I have some in the freezer and I may need to make that recipe again!

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