leek and potato soup

There are so many reasons to love soup: it is the ultimate comfort food, an easy way to feed a crowd, usually inexpensive, and it stores and reheats beautifully. At any given time my freezer is crammed with various canisters of leftover soup, just waiting to be reheated for a lazy lunch or dinner.

Potato Leek Soup is a particular favorite of mine and I was thus looking forward to trying Dorie’s version, which the French Fridays with Dorie group had already done this past December. So this is a catching-up-with-old-recipes post for me.

Dorie’s soup won point from me for easy prep, basically just chop up some veggies and sit back while the soup cooks. The end result was a soup with a thinner consistency than my usual recipe, but with a very full & tasty flavor.

Final verdict – we will definitely make this soup again. The recipe is fantastically versatile, left alone it is a nice dinner for two, pureed and garnished with some home-made croutons it becomes fit for company.

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