spur-of-the-moment carrot soup

This week’s French Fridays with Dorie recipe is called Spur-of-the-Moment Vegetable Soup (the carrot version). And as appropriate as the name is, I have a better one, it’s the There’s-Nothing-to-Eat-Soup. Why? Because even when you think that there’s nothing to eat, you can probably scrounge up the ingredients to make this soup.

This is a very basic recipe and probably not one which you’ll pull out to impress company. But it is one which you’ll pull out when you’re scrounging at the back of the fridge for dinner.

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16 Responses to spur-of-the-moment carrot soup

  1. I love it “there’s nothing to eat” soup! Sums it up perfectly but this hardly feels like a stretch of a meal. So delicious!

  2. Cher says:

    Hey – refrigerator foraging is an art. Wear it with pride 🙂

  3. I love your new name for the soup:) My family loved this soup.

  4. I do like that this could be made at the drop of a hat, but I rarely have soup veggies on-hand that I can earmark for soup.

  5. Nana says:

    A great way to clean out the fridge. As for the cheese sandwiches, they are nothing more than two slices of Italian bread with sliced provolone cheese between them and dipped in beaten
    eggs. Fry until nicely colored or browned and the cheese starts to melt, turn over and do the other
    side. Place on paper towel to absorb the grease, and enjoy. They are delicious hot or
    cold. When leftover, they are great cut up for snacks.

  6. Rose, you certainly found a fun name for this soup – for some reason I kept thinking about the “Suppenkasper” poem when preparing this soup!

    Have a sunny weekend (it is rather warm today, we reached 20 degrees Celsius in Cologne today)!

  7. Cakelaw says:

    I do like the ease of some of these recipes because I often find myself time poor. Glad you enjoyed this soup.

  8. betsy says:

    Perfect name for the soup, Rose. I agree that this could definitely be pulled together when the cupboard seems bare. Have a great weekend!

  9. Glad you enjoyed, too…I’ll have to remember this one when I forget to defrost something for dinner 🙂

  10. Elaine says:

    For some reason I can’t see your photos, but I am sure your soup is lovely. I really like the name you gave it because it’s so true. The broth in this soup was so delicious.

  11. I’m not much of a soup maker, but this recipe was easy I’m changing my views on soup!
    You are spot on with your comment about it being the thing to make when you think there’s nothing to make. Or a great way to empty your fridge out of all the leftover vegetables that gather up in there! (I can’t see your photos either!)

  12. I wish I could see your pictures. I’m doing the ‘clean up the fridge before farmers market’ soup today. You are right about the butterflied chicken – the skin was delicious. We bought a really cool chicken spice rub while on holiday and really wanted to use it.

  13. Mary Hirsch says:

    This soup lends itself to all kinds of monikers and There’s Nothing To Eat Soup is a great name. I couldn’t pull up your pictures. Is that my computer or yours. Whoops, I just read everyone’s comments. I think you decided to also create a There’s Nothing To See Post. Clever. Good job.

  14. Alice says:

    oh no, your photos! I agree with you on this soup 🙂 We totally used up all the bits and pieces we had left in our fridge to make it!

  15. Maria says:

    ha ha I agree with Cher!!! Refrigerator Foraging is an art!!! 🙂

  16. Awesome name and oh so true. Great to follow a recipe and get the expected results but awesome to have a recipe for those days when life is not so well orchestrated. Great job. And good luck with the photo thing. I cleaned my computer one day and wiped the photos off several of our old posts – what a nightmare to fix……….

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