veal chops and forgotten rosemary butter

I find that my sickbed traditions have changed very little over the years. When I was a kid, being sick meant a few days in bed followed by a day of recovery on the sofa. Camomile tea with honey and miso soup were the proffered remedies.

Now being sick was never fun. But as I recall, the recovery day kinda was. I was still able to stay home from school and milk sympathy from my parents. I remember piling the sofa high with pillows and blankets and nestling myself into the middle to spend the day watching bad television. So sad when my mother would pronounce me better and ship me back to school.

So here I sit, curled up on a sofa buried in pillows and blankets, a steaming mug of camomile tea at my side. Here’s the thing, I don’t even like camomile tea. But my husband is apparently also a believer in its healing properties. The difference is that he adds fresh lemon and thinly sliced ginger to the tea instead of honey. And he hasn’t leaned to make miso soup yet, but luckily we have a Japanese place around the corner which offers take out.

Sniff, yep, I’m sick. I suspect that I was already starting to come down with something on Sunday, when I tried to make this week’s French Fridays with Dorie recipe, Veal Chops with Rosemary Butter. How else can I possible explain forgetting the rosemary butter, it’s in the bloody name of the dish for pete’s sake!

Sigh, but moving on. I love veal. I liked the marinade. The forgotten rosemary butter was delicious on toast the next day and probably would have been great on the chops. I had some issues with the recommended cooking times however and ended up throwing mine in the oven while I finished off the sides (broccoli and mashed white beans). Tasty.

FFwD268 015

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18 Responses to veal chops and forgotten rosemary butter

  1. That plate looks amazing, but maybe too much for recovery day… Good thing you made it before! Ginger in tea is so great when you’re sick. Hope you’re recovered Rose!

  2. I am so looking forward to these Veal Chops! However, this week I am packing to leave my house on Sunday for Atlanta, and then the IFBC. I am cleaning out my fridge, everything must go! This one will have to wait for a catch up! Yours looks great…mouthwatering! Feel better soon, Rose!

  3. Cher says:

    Hope you are feeling better.
    I went the pork route, but I agree – the marinade was great (and you have to try it with the compound butter sometime!)

  4. Ei says:

    I’ve made this recipe several times. You were missing out by not using the butter. Didn’t get around to it this week, but whatcha gonna do? I also always kind of loved being home sick, once I was on the upswing. Black tea with milk and honey, with lightly buttered toast was, and is, my go-to. Hope you’re feeling better, soon.

  5. jora says:

    I hope you feel better soon! I like the mashed white beans idea. I’ve never thought to use them as a side dish.

  6. Liz says:

    Feel better, my friend! Your chops look wonderful!

  7. Susan says:

    Looks great, anyway, Rose. Get some rest and feel better soon!

  8. Feel better Rose! btw – compound butter on toast? Oh yes!

  9. Feel better ! And for the record, I did most of my photos and was about to dive into the plate when I realized I too had forgotten the butter ! My poor hubby had to wait while I took more photos 🙂 PS – I would love a recovery day now. Just prefer it without getting sick :). Tricia

  10. Mary Hirsch says:

    I agree with you about the cooking time of the veal chops. Dorie said to cook them to 130 degrees F which I did. I felt mine was a bit rare – and, then I read that veal really shouldn’t be served rare. So, I agree with you that this meat needs to be cooked a bit longer. Yep, the rosemary butter does make it better and, well, all buttery. Next time, Rose. Like the idea of mashed white beans. Feel better. Being sick as an adult sucks. It really does.

  11. Now this meal will cure anything… don’t you feel stronger already after eating this? That is one good looking chop.

  12. Christy says:

    Hope you are feeling better! Recovery days were the best, and still are. We recently found some Indian Ginger Black Tea that is supposed to be great for colds – I’ve been giving it to sous chef as he recovers from his surgeries (and he nicely got a cold at the same time), anyhow, he really thinks it tastes great and helped. Don’t feel bad about the butter – last week I made that pizza with Phyllo not realizing it was supposed to be puff pastry until I read everyone’s posts. Oh well. The veal chop really didn’t need the butter – it was delicious on its own!

  13. betsy says:

    My mother seldom let us stay home sick. Usually she sent us to school and then the nurse sent us home. Oh, how I loved the bad television on those days, from the comfort of my parent’s bed. What a treat… I hope you are feeling better by now. Go back and try this with the butter. I’m still swooning over that butter.

  14. cakelaw says:

    Oh no, sorry to hear that you are not well. I hope it blows over soon. That is a terrific looking chop.

  15. Amy says:

    Hi! I forgot my rosemary butter in the fridge too, and I’m not even sick! Hope you are feeling better. Your veal chop looks amazing, and the beans — yummy!

  16. Ameena says:

    I am a huge fan of chamomile tea! It’s one of the few types I’ll drink.

    Feel better!

  17. Guyla says:

    I hope you’re feeling better. We have also both been sick and we pretty much have the same tradition. We both love chamomile tea and a shot of brandy always helps:) I finished off my chops in a hot oven too. We just don’t like rare meat! I bet the rosemary butter was delicious on toast!

  18. Karen says:

    That does look tasty! I wish I could have found a veal chop as they look so good. While I never loved being sick as a kid, I did love spending the day watching bad daytime TV (The Price is Right was a favorite). Hope you are feeling better by now!

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