I’m mere days away from hopping on a plane home. šŸ™‚ To say that I’m excited would be an epic understatement. Just yesterday I called my parents to make sure that they had stocked the pantry with my favorite tortilla chips and salsa. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. To be clear, I mean that last sentence literally, not figuratively.

To take my mind off of it (hmmm, clearly not working out so far) and help pass the time, I am trying to squeeze in a make up post for French Fridays with Dorie before I go. I don’t even remember when the rest of the crew made Tzatziki or what my excuse was for not joining in. What can I say, better late than never.

ffwd024 002

By this point you have likely already heard me lament the lack of decent Latin American food on this side of the pond on multiple occasions. I know, I know, I’m tired of listening to myself complain about it. But what we lack in this area is made up for with plentiful and delicious Mediterranean and middle eastern food.

Tzatziki is Greek. But similar salads (or dips if you will) can be found all over the region under different names. I remember having a similar dish when we visited Armenia. Here in Germany (at least in my little corner of the country) it is so ubiquitous that you can find it in the refrigerator section of pretty much any grocery store. Much like salsa in the US, it’s gone mainstream.

The fact that it’s so easy to buy means that I’ve never attempted to make it myself. Until, that is, it popped up on the French Fridays with Dorie roster. I decided to serve it alongside roast chicken and greek salad. And while it was quite tasty and easy enough to put together, well, like salsa in the US, it’s just easier to just buy it at the store.

ffwd024 007

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4 Responses to tzatziki

  1. Karen says:

    Your meal looks delicious! Have a wonderful trip back home!

  2. Ei says:

    Have fun at home!

  3. Cher says:

    Rose – enjoy your time home!!!!!!

  4. jora says:

    Your Greek salad looks delicious. Have a great trip home!

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