_______ fish with frilly herb salad

My work travel schedule has quieted to a dull roar and I am bound and determined to get back into the kitchen and get caught up on my French Fridays with Dorie cooking before the holiday madness hits. Honestly, if it wasn’t for my participation in this group, I’m not sure that I would have done any cooking at all this year. All of my other cookbooks are probably feeling a bit dusty and neglected.

I’ve never been much of a swordfish fan. Like cooked tuna, it just always seems so dry. So I can’t say that I was particularly distraught when my fish guys said that they didn’t have any. I asked them to recommend something else… they did… it was delicious… and now I just don’t remember what it was. So, that’s why this week I am catching up with Mediterranean Swordfish with Frilly Herb Salad.

I also decided to dust off one of my other cookbooks (Campagna by Mark Strausman) and whip up a batch of my very favorite Tomatoes Provencal. I’ve tried a lot of recipes for this particular dish and Mark’s is simply the best, I make it at least once a year. In fact, this cookbook is one of the most used and abused in my kitchen. His French Green Beans have become a Thanksgiving staple.

FFwD452 004

What can I say? Dinner was absolutely delicious. I loved Dorie’s fish preparation and will definitely try this recipe with other types of fish in the future. And the tomatoes paired surprisingly well with the firmer fish (whatever it was) and I have been happily dipping into the leftovers ever since. All in all, a success!

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2 Responses to _______ fish with frilly herb salad

  1. Cher says:

    Wow, your fish looks wonderful (and so does the side dish)!

  2. jora says:

    Thanks for the cookbook recommendation. I’m going to check it out. It’s too bad you don’t remember the kind, your fish looks delicious 🙂

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