fish with capers, cornichons, and brown butter sauce

I’m back from my trip to the States and looking forward to a nice relaxing day of laundry and catching up with my fellow Doristas. There is nothing else on the agenda for today. Frankly, after this past trip, I desperately need a recovery day. My time in the US was wonderful and I enjoyed catching up with friends and family. My time spent trying to get there and back was painful to say the least. There were so many issues and delays that I could fill an entire post, but the low point may have been standing in the Customer Service line at LAX, after my third rebooked flight that day had been delayed, while an ear-splitting alarm caused by someone opening an emergency exit door went off for 15 minutes straight. My nerves were so raw by that point that I might have made a dash for the emergency exit myself.

But now a deep breath and on to more calming topics. You might have noticed a slight difference between the title of this post and the title of this week’s French Fridays with Dorie recipe, Skate with Capers, Cornichons, and Brown Butter Sauce. That’s because my fish guy didn’t have any skate and recommended against ordering it this time of year. He hasn’t steered me wrong yet so I tend to listen when he gives advice. Instead he suggested a tasty substitute. Now, if only I could remember what the name of that substitute was.

Oh well, the star of this dish was the sauce and I am confident that it would pair nicely with just about any white fish or even a nice chicken breast. My husband was highly skeptical after reading the title of this recipe (pickles on fish!?) but he ended up loving it and so did I. We paired it with some boiled potatoes and fava beans and enjoyed a wonderful spring meal.

FFwD291 (4)

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10 Responses to fish with capers, cornichons, and brown butter sauce

  1. Ugh, flight problems can sure put a damper on a trip. Glad you made it home! You fish, whatever it is, looks perfectly cooked and delicious!!!

  2. Sorry you had so many problems on your trip – enjoy your quiet time at home! I loved this sauce too and wondered whether it would be good with chicken as well!

  3. dulceshome says:

    Your day sounds so relaxing! I love doing laundry, it smells good, and here’s a feeling of accomplishment! I also happen to love traveling, and actually think that LAX is fascinating, watching all of the people from all of the world, wondering what their stories are… but you are absolutely correct, it’s the worst if you get stuck!! So happy you made it back safely, and that you get a quiet morning!

    Your dish looks amazing, including the sides! I agree, this method/sauce was a winner.

  4. Diane Zwang says:

    Your meal looks delicious, I must try it sometime. I made the salmon rillettes as a make up. I was also out of town but didn’t quite have your experience with LAX. Sorry about the troubles and hopefully you can relax now.

  5. Nothing can make a wonderful trip turn ugly like travel glitches!! Sorry you had such a rough time, Rose. On the other hand, your meal looks fabulous! Welcome home! Have a great weekend!

  6. Mary Hirsch says:

    First, Rosa, avoid LAX at all costs. Our American airports are not particularly appealing on their bests days but LAX is the worst. The last time I went through LAX, Customs took $100 of Foie Gras from me that I had bought in the Duty Free in Marseilles. The worst was that as we passed through Customs, producing our passports, they just yelled at us to make themselves heard. Customs people were yelling at everybody. I kept thinking, “What a way to welcome foreigners to America.” Anyway, I’ve never gone back and hopefully won’t. I agree with you that the sauce was the star. Man, I loved that sauce. Your sides are perfect with the fish. I am a fan of lava beans but they are soooooo much work. Hope you’ll be able to stay off airplanes for awhile.

  7. Cakelaw says:

    Sorry to hear about your airport woes – I think all of us has had some of those. You are right about the sauce – I think it would pair well with any kind of fish or chicken.

  8. Eileen says:

    Ugh! Travel can suck so bad. Glad the fish worked out!

  9. Cher says:

    Airports give me indigestion – no eating required 🙂
    Glad you enjoyed! We were nervous about the pickles too…

  10. Karen says:

    Looks like a delicious meal! I really enjoyed the sauce for this one.

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