jerusalem artichoke soup

With only one November left to finish off the autumn recipes the French Fridays with Dorie group is being very season conscious. That means more Jerusalem Artichokes this month, this time in the form of a delicious and warming soup.


We’re lately in need of comfort food around here and this soup hit the spot. My father-in-law is not doing very well at the moment and this has meant lots of anxious visits home and lots of concerned calls between trips. It’s a stressful time for everyone but we’re continuing to hope for a happy outcome.

It also means that there is no time for “extras” and so the Parley Coulis was replaced with a dallop of store-bought pesto. All around a tasty dish which hit the spot.

FFwD076 (2)

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18 Responses to jerusalem artichoke soup

  1. Ei says:

    Sorry to hear about your father-in-law. Wishing him (and you) the best!
    I just spotted Jerusalem artichokes here for the first time this morning. I’ll have to catch up on the 2 relevant recipes next week, when I have more time.

  2. Sorry to hear about your father in law – hope all is better soon. This was a warming soup (though not so “season conscious” for our Dorista Down Under!

  3. Keep hoping for that happy outcome! I skipped the extras altogether on my catch-up leek/potato soup and it was delicious.

  4. The pesto was a terrific idea for a boost of flavor. Thinking of your family and FIL. xoxo

  5. ProfWhoCooks says:

    Sending good thoughts for you, your family, and your father-in-law. Using pesto instead of the coulis was, I imagine, much better! Far tastier!

  6. I bet the pesto was a delicious addition! Your soup looks lovely. So sorry about your father-in-law. Sending hugs your way.

  7. I am glad you enjoyed the soup. Happy thoughts to you and your family.

  8. Guyla says:

    I’m sorry to hear your father in law is having health problems. I know how stressful that is as we have been going through the something with my mother in law. Anxious trips and worried calls are the norm right now. My mother in law is recovering nicely and I hope the same for your father in law. I’m glad you enjoyed the soup. I have given up on Jerusalem Artichokes and will search no more:)

  9. Cher says:

    Keeping you and your husband’s family in my thoughts.
    After I stopped looking for Jerusalem artichokes, they showed up everywhere… I now have two bags in my refrigerator that I have to figure out how to use up this weekend.

  10. dulceshome says:

    Sending all my best wishes your way!
    Your soup looks good, and I’m glad that it was the perfect thing for you – soup is always so comforting. I made a version of this, but wasn’t impressed. I have pesto from this summer in the freezer, so will try that suggestion!

  11. Nana says:

    Thoughts and prayers for you and your family. Your soup looks great, and I love that bowl.

  12. Cakelaw says:

    Sorry to hear about your father in law. I agree that in such times, a few shortcuts are good.

  13. Rose, all the very best for a speedy recovery of your father-in-law!
    At this time of year it is nice to be able to find sunchokes around here withot having to look for them – your pesto does sound like a tasty addition to the soup, and it looks very pretty too!
    Thinking of you and your family on this rather cool Sunday morning!
    Liebe Grüsse und gute Besserung,

  14. Teresa says:

    Sending best wishes for a happy outcome. I’m glad the soup could be a comforting, easy dish for you during this time.

  15. Diane Zwang says:

    Glad that you were able to make time for homemade soup given your family stress. Hope all is well. I still haven’t found any Jerusalem artichokes.

  16. betsy says:

    I’m glad this worked as comfort food for you. Pesto is nice twist on the topping. Thinking positive thoughts for your father-in-law.

  17. triciaandnana says:

    So sorry to hear about your father in law- all the best to him for good health and much energy and comfort to the rest of the family. Your soup looked lovely and spot on. Great decision to add the pesto on any day- lovely addition. Warm thoughts to you ~ Tricia

  18. EmilyC says:

    Wishing your FIL speedy recovery and better times for all concerned. The soup looks lovely and those chokes… slightly different from other Doristas!

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