winter ceviche

In trying to figure out how to turn this week’s French Fridays with Dorie recipe into dinner, my mind wandered back to our recent post-Christmas trip to Miami. I love ceviche and my husband is a rather more recent convert. But I knew that if I served this week’s Winter Ceviche by itself, I would find him prowling around the kitchen shortly afterwards, looking for food.

In Miami we had some of the most amazing Latin American food, including several rounds served as little tasting portions alongside delicious empanadas. So good!


Sadly, it is not so easy to find empanadas on this side of the pond and I’m generally too lazy to make them. But it seems like every culture has a version of dough-wrapped savory treats, and so I went with the Indian version, samosas.

FFwD177 (2)

In fact, the Indian flavors paired well with this non-traditional ceviche, which favors classic european flavors instead of the traditional latin american ones. My husband really enjoyed this dish, which seems rather obvious since his is the European palate which it is meant to cater to. I enjoyed it, but just couldn’t seem to get beyond the nagging feeling that it would be better with a little heat, and maybe a little cilantro instead of the tarragon. Which, I guess, is also a little obvious:-)

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13 Responses to winter ceviche

  1. Ei says:

    Mmmm…samosas! I’ve never tried to make them myself. I should. Do you have a particular recipe you like?

  2. Sounds like a great idea to pair with samosas!

  3. Susan says:

    We really loved this – and I like your idea of making it part of a Tapas meal.
    Bon Weekend!

  4. What a terrific meal! I had my first ceviche in Miami only a year ago–and I loved this French version just as much as the more traditional ceviche.

  5. Oh, thank goodness someone else who found this not exciting. I’m wondering if you are accustom to the South American versions of ceviche this is just too tame.. it seems we both have that in common?

  6. Mary Hirsch says:

    You made samosas? Very impressive since I had never heard the term. Oh, the things this little Iowa girl is learning from the Dorista sophisticates! This presentation looks as if it was very good and somewhat filling. I agree Winter Ceviche would not fill a gentlemen (or, me) up. This is getting rave notices from many of you so hopefully I will do this as a make-up while I am still in California. With something else to eat on my plate, of course.

  7. Katie says:

    Those samosas look awesome! When we traveled to India, my husband snapped them up for breakfast every day. Yum! Glad you enjoyed it. I too was wondering if it would work better with even a bit of diced jalapeño. I do have to say that my tarragon was fairly strong and did give a bit of bite that was nice. In my experiences, many Europeans aren’t into spicy hot food so I can see how and why this recipe does what it does (as you mention in your post!).

  8. Tricia S says:

    Genius. Great pairing. My kids love samosas and believe it or not, we get them at a farmer’s market in Vermont (of all places….). You definitely had me laughing with your knowledge that your hubby would otherwise have been back prowling around the kitchen otherwise. So true ! And your Florida vacation sounded lovely. I could use a little sunshine myself and am ready for Spring !

  9. Dear Rose, I guess I am part of those Europeans that prefers food to be a tad less spicy – although one of our daughters is slowly tuning into a real “spice head”…go figure, she keeps adding spices and loves hot sauce and her favorite dish is “Spicy Thai Chicken”. But, I digress, your Winter Ceviche sounds like it was an excellent partner to the homemade Samosas (which I have never attempted to make) – your dinner looks fabulous!
    Euch ein schönes Wochenende mit viel Sonne,

  10. Nana says:

    I will never forget our trip to Seville when we stopped downstairs in our hotel restaurant and
    realized they had Tapas, which we were not too familiar with. OMG, there was no going back,
    so delicious. This week’s recipe was good, although I ended up frying the scallops.

  11. Everyone enjoyed this dish so much! I think I need to give a cooked version a try! Your dinner plate looks scrumptious, Rose!
    My palette is pretty tame…it leans more towards the European! I’m really not into very hot, spicy dishes! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  12. betsy says:

    Yum! This would be great with samosas. I love samosas.
    I agree that some heat would be welcome with the rest of the tropical flavors. It’s a recipe that can be played around with in some many different ways.

  13. Cher says:

    Ooo la la, samosas! Your pairing sounds delicious, as does a trip to Miami!

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