Picking a favorite anything always seems an impossible task, there are simply too many variables in life. Trying to pick a favorite recipe from Dorie Greenspan’s Around my French Table is equally impossible. My answer would depend on the season, on the weather, on the occasion, on my mood…

IMG_3731Yesterday was my 4 year anniversary, both as a blogger and as a member of French Fridays with Dorie. I joined the group a little late and my very first post was for Cardamom Rice Pilaf on May 28th, 2011. During the past 4 years I mostly caught up with the recipes which I missed before joining and am finishing up this little adventure with all but 2 checked off. Which two? Olive Fougasse (because I still do not own a standing mixer and am too lazy to do it by hand) and Almond-Orange Tuiles (because I attempted tuiles once in my life using Martha Stewart’s recipe, and once was enough).

FFwD364 013That still leaves 234 recipes from which to pick a favorite. An impossible task really, but I can say that reading back through my old posts to try to pick a favorite has been a fun trip down memory lane. So here they are, in no particular order, my top 5 recipes from French Fridays with Dorie:

1. Gerard’s Mustard Tart – because it reminds me of time spent studying in France, because Dorie has taught me not fear pastry dough like I used to, because I love mustard, because it is elegant simplicity on a plate

IMG_33132. Curried Mussels – because it has the perfect balance of creamy, spicy goodness, because I still can’t stop raving about how good these were, because I never would have discovered this recipe if it wasn’t for this group

3. Pumpkin Stuffed with Everything Good – because it looks harder to make than it is, because it’s served during my favorite season, because it tastes like comfort food

4. Coeur a la Creme – because anyone whose favorite part of the carrot cake is the cream cheese frosting will not need another reason:-)

FFwD425 027

FFWD280 0295. and finally, Cola and Jam Spareribs – because my husband has been an awfully good sport over the past 4 years, who has (mostly) learned to wait patiently while his food is having its close up, and so one of his favorites should make the list too

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22 Responses to Favorites

  1. Yup the Mustard tart made my list too! And the curried mussels were just nudged out by the seafood pot au feu by Mr Neil!

  2. Happy anniversary to your blog! Bill would love me to make those ribs again ASAP!

  3. Oh, your coeur a la creme looks divine with the passion fruit seeds! I wish I had taken better care of my passion fruit vine. Your reason for including it makes me want to make it. Congratulations on your blog anniversary, Rose.

  4. doriegreenspan says:

    Happy Double Anniversary! I loved reading your list and especially your reasons for including some of the recipes. And your Gerard’s Mustard Tart with the tomatoes is so beautiful. A lovely round-up to a lovely adventure – xoDorie

  5. Ei says:

    The coeur a la creme is on my makeup list. Knowing it tastes like cream cheese frosting may put some pep in my step! Now I want a carrot cake. Thanks. haha. Great list!

  6. I started after you and haven’t even attempted to do anything but keep up with current recipes. I almost put the curried mussels on my top 5… I really found the curry to be upexpected. I’ve eaten mussels many ways and it was different.

  7. Nana says:

    That mustard tart seems to be a winner all around. I like all of your choices.

  8. tammycirceo says:

    The curried mussels almost made my list, too, and the pumpkin stuffed with everything is definitely on there!

  9. betsy says:

    Happy anniversary, Rose! It’s so much to fun to see everyone’s lists plus where they overlap and where they don’t. The reasons are the best part. I’m with you on the mustard tart, but not so much on the ribs. After reading everyone’s posts today, I know I’ll be remaking so many of the recipes we’ve made.

  10. Happy Anniversary, Rose!! I love your picks they are all recipes that I would make again! I was a bigger fan of the Mussels in White than the curried mussels…but I loved both! The Coeur a la Cream and Stuffed Pumpkin won honorable mention on my blog! Great list! Happy Friday!

  11. Diane Zwang says:

    A very nice list. Some I have made and some not yet. Glad you have enjoyed your time with the group.

  12. trevorsisboom says:

    My favorite picture here is the one with the ribs because my what a story it tells! (We shared some favorites!)

  13. Teresa says:

    It was so difficult to choose, wasn’t it? Gerard’s Mustard Tart is one of my favourites, too. The rest of your picks could easily have made my own list.

  14. dulceshome says:

    Rose, what a fun list!! The tart will show up on my blog one of these days. The spareribs made my short list for this post too. So fun to see what everyone’s favorites are. It’s been nice to revisit the different recipes!!

  15. Cakelaw says:

    Gerard’s mustard tart was good – I got lots of compliments on that. We have made a lot of really good recipes from this book. I am with you on the tuiles – ’nuff said.

  16. Alice Mizer says:

    Happy Anniversary times two! 🙂 I love your picks! The time we made cola and jam spareribs, the meat was still pretty tough but the flavor was really amazing! That’s been on my make-again list for awhile now…. 🙂

  17. Tricia S says:

    First, congrats on the anniversary. Amazing how much time has gone by, no ? Second, I really enjoyed reading your reflections on these dishes. It is that sharing that has made the group so fun. It is as neat to find someone else’s perspective as it is to find that someone had the exact same reaction you did – LOL. I also love that you included one of your hubby’s favorites. Our taste testers votes have made the memories all the more special. Good luck with the final two if you choose to do them- I wish I was ONLY down to two makeups 🙂

  18. Mary Hirsch says:

    A four year anniversary, two ways, can you really believe it? That’s what I am thinking about the most. I’ve been up and running since February 2011. Like you, that means week in and week out, posting and writing about food. That’s quite a record for all of us. I haven’t made Gerard yet but it’s a favorite on many lists. Yes the Coeur a la Creme was too delicious. I remember not sharing much of that. I chose another of Dorie’s mussels as a favorite. A good list, Rose, and you’re almost at the finish line. Congratulations for that effort also.

  19. Guyla says:

    Excellent list and congratulations on making it four years! The mustard tart was also one of my favorites and now I wonder why I didn’t include it on my list! I agree that its very hard to chose favorites! Cooking all but two of the recipes is quite an accomplishment and many more than I did!

  20. jora says:

    Your reminder of coeur a la creme has given me a craving! It was delicious.

  21. Cher says:

    The mussels, pumpkin and cream heart made my list too.
    Congrats on four years – and it is very impressive that you have all but two recipes left.
    I am really enjoying reading everyone’s round up posts.

  22. Karen says:

    Great list! The curried mussels made my list too…I savored every bite. I agree with you about the favorites being dependent on season, mood, etc. I’m sure my list would have been different if I drew the line on a different day.

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